Cobra Kai 3×8 Reaction

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  1. Elisabeth Shue is definitely a bigger name than Ralph Machio. She has been involved in at least one large/succesful project per decade since Karate Kid. Unlike my man Machio. And I’m only talking about the world of entertainment. Clearly Machio was doing well for himself if he kept turning down previous offers to bring the show back.And Iam glad he did, because I doubt those other interpretations of the story would have been as good as this.

  2. What’s interesting is that most Dojos have strict rules on kids wearing anything Kung fu or Karate related outside the dojo or official events just because martial art wars do pop up.

    I knew of a student who wore his Kung fu shirt with the dojo’s logo on it and a group of his own fellow students jumped him stole the shirt off of him leaving him shirtless in park and the teacher banned him the very day from coming back no explanation.

  3. uhm, no. elizabeth shue (actress who played alli) didnt stop acting after karate kid, she didnt stop acting til the 90s. she left the franchise to be a star herself instead of just the girlfriend.