Cobra Kai 4×4 Reaction

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  1. Bert is Eagle Fang & Nate is Miyagi-Do. Sam is doing the same as her Dad in KK1 – antagonising the opposition when they are not supposed to fight until the tournament, knowing full well if Tory was to start a fight with her she would look the bad one as people around her aren’t seeing Sam’s comments to her. She looked pretty pissed in the car about not “throwing a punch” on the baseball field, I get the feeling she wanted to fight – we all think she won’t cos of her Miyagi-Do teachings but are forgetting she is half her mum who has been known to be fiesty and assertive and not scared to make a stand, plus Daniel has always been hot headed to so she is not going to be 100% peace & love Miyagi-Do’ey. Also, the sprinklers was a nod to Daniel-San hosing Johnny at the dance while he was in the toilet too I think.