Cobra Kai 4×6 Reaction

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  1. Hawk needed to go to Miyagi-Do to give them a strong male, in real life I think he would stay with Eagle Fang but for plot armour he has gone to MD. Now each dojo has a strong male and strong female contender:- MD = Hawk & Sam, CK = Robby & Tory and EF = Miguel & Devon the new girl who isn’t going to be as strong as Sam or Tory but she is their only female student and will be a fast learner, she just wont get to the level of Sam or Tory as they will clearly be the main female match but it gives Johnny a chance in terms of storyline.

  2. The points system is the way to go for grand champion because its DOJO that is winning it. So a dojo that took its time to cultivate every aspect should be the winner. If you only have a single male student then purely for that reason you can’t be the best dojo.

  3. sam is on a revenge kick. she is doing to tory what was done to her. an eye for an eye. i know i personally have no sympathy for the people who terroized me. left with ptsd, bruises, scars, had to go to the hospital AND these bitches didnt go to jail? now you want me to be their friend? bitch please. not even if they paid my 4k hospital bills or magically healed my PERMANENT disabilities would i forgive them so they can burn. #teamsam

  4. I think a big problem with Sam’s storyline this season is that they spent so much time trying to get us to sympathize with Tory this season, they neglected her storyline. Like I was very frustrated that at no point do Amanda and Sam sit down and have a conversation about Tory and what Sam is feeling. Like I think that the conversation we see between Amanda and Daniel this episode should of been between Amanda and Sam. The only time I remember Sam learning anything about Tory was last season when Miguel told her that Tory had a hard life, no details. I know this show is about a karate war but sometimes I feel like they have to strain so hard to keep people from talking and continue fighting.

    1. I enjoyed what they did with sam, I like the idea the she picked up a bit too much from Eagle Fang and Miguel was more Miyagi-do like…doesn’t make for the most compelling or unique take, but it brings into question that part of the Larusso’s that Daniel pretends doesn’t exist, this season shows just how assholish they can be, some with reason and others just in general.