Cobra Kai 4×9 Reaction

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    1. Andrew Garfield is an even bigger fan of the show and they didn’t bring him in. I think they might have had a different idea in their head for how the Carrie sequence would go. This certainly wasn’t it. It might be the lowest point of the season.

  1. I think this is a plot to set up the success of the All Valley so that they can expand and get funding so that it can be a national tournement.

  2. topanga is also the former champion dojo before miguel won in season 1. they are the ones with the blue gis and the jesus looking dude (the champ) gave a peaceful speech

  3. Have they all watched karate kid 2010 film? I just thought It would be cool if the 4 of them watched it since we are on the trend of all of the karate kid movies and cobra kai. Just thought it would be cool to see comparisons and how much they like it.