Cobra Kai 5×10 Reaction

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    1. How did she leave without it. Since you have to buzz to open the door to the outside. That said, they had to leave us with Kreese out there for his remaining years. Im pretty sure he’s done, this is the shows way of not killing him but having him ride off.

  1. The Silver quotes “I was meant to die on the battlefield”, and “Im ready to die”. Are really interesting quotes when you combine it with how much he is focused on the legacy of Cobra Kai. And then realise, he met Jonny and Carmen in the Hospital… and it is never mentioned why he was there.

  2. Amazing Reaction to this Finale Guys. Your excitement in your reaction, is exactly how I felt watching this. This Show just gets better with every season. I’m hyped to see what’s next but I have no idea where they are going to go with this now lol!

  3. Well, since they filmed all of it here in GA, you’re not wrong about the redneck guys, Aaron. Lol They were easy to cast, I’m sure. 🤣 I didn’t even think about the fact they are supposed to be in CA, in that moment. Hahaha

  4. Been waiting for this reaction for so long and it didn’t disappoint. The hype, the excitement, the adrenaline and pure joy…….. great reaction Guys! 😊

  5. theory going off my knowledge of the law: terry will be out in 2 seconds, at most spending one night in jail. the main big crimes he can be charged for has no evidence. kreese is gone and stingray is an unreliable witness. it is all heresay at this point for the assault and intimidation/coercion case. at best they will go to court, the judge will ask for evidence, there will be none and it will be dismissed. at worse, terry will just bribe the judge like he bribes everyone. now the bribery case they can get him for but again: no jail time. not knowing rather or not he has a criminal past on paper (i assume not) and given his money and standing in the community: terry will take a plea deal, pay a fine and at MOST get parole for like 2 years max (usually its 1-3 years). but most likely? he will just do an apology and pay a fine, maybe be banned from competitions for life because of it which just means he will have to operate from the shadows. but legally? he wont have to face any real damages

    1. Honestly, since Stingray went along with it, he really didn’t do anything other than to conspire to have a man arrested. Thats it. And with his charity life exterior, slap on the wrist, confined to home with an ankle monitor.

  6. I think Silver is dying. I think he has some disease and that’s why he was at the hospital when Johnny & Carmen were there for their hospital visit and they ran into each other in the elevator. The entire Legacy arc for Silver and his ‘obsessions with legacy’ with his impending death makes sense. Also, I forgot that the very first or 2nd episode of season 4 where Silver was sitting down and his servant brought him food(when he had PTSD.) He said “i’m not hungry think I’m going to go for a drive/walk) and the servant says “should I call the doctor” and Silver waves him off I think it means Silver has been chronically ill for awhile even back that far and knew he was ‘dying.’ It would make sense with the way the writers set things up so well in this show

  7. This is honestly one of the best finales to a season of a television show I have ever seen. The show could have ended right here (thank god it didn’t) but what an episode.