Cobra Kai 5×5 Reaction

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  1. Season 1 Tournament was 2018 (when that season came out) Season 4 Tournament was the next year’s tournament so that means 2019 tournament even though it was filmed in 2021 and this takes place shortly after that so even though this season just came out it takes place in 2019 so PS4 makes more sense because 5 didn’t come out until 2020.

  2. Eric, you are so damn irritating. Why does Daniel have to be the one to fundamentally change who he is while you praise everyone else for staying the same. Stfu.

  3. With how into karate and martial arts chosen is. I imagine he heard of “ninja” thought it was an actual popular martial artist and just started watching him out of curiosity.

  4. I have been waiting for Robby and Miguel to be friends since season 1 and it feels so amazing to see them together and not fighting. My two favorite characters of the new generation are finally together.