Cobra Kai 5×8 Reaction

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Comment (5)

  1. Its funny that theyre judged as good enough for an exclusive world tournament cause from an instructors perspective theyre all only decent at martial arts in general

  2. regarding the sensei fighting. you gotta remember. Daniel and Johnny Gave up practicing Karate for years. Daniel’s last bout with it prior to Cobra Kai was teaching little Samantha. and Johnny is presumed to have stopped altogether after the events of karate kid 1.

    But Chozen, that man has dedicated his life to Miyagi-do. He never stopped training and even has his own students he teaches in Okinawa. we see he’s the better Miyagi-do practitioner of the two when he and daniel fight again in season 3. in terms of experience and technique, I think Chozen is the best option.