Code Geass 2×25 Reaction

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  1. Yeah so what ISNT shown in the english dub, is the fact that Lelouch is alive, the driver of the cart at the very end scene, is in fact Lelouch, you see it on the Japanese release.
    after CC says ‘Right, Lelouch?’ it cuts to half the drivers face, and he just smiles.
    You can go find the footage and see for yourselves.
    The current theory is that during his contact with Charles in the Thought elevator, he took Charles code as he died, Since he had the prerequisite of the evolved Geas in both eyes.

    Seeing as there’s a new Code Geass about to be released with Lelouch being ‘Alive’ again i think we’re about to see whether or not that theory turns out correct.

    1. That “ending” is fake and has proven to be for literal years, stop spreading misinformation.

      And Lelouch of the Resurrection is already out, but it’s worth realizing it takes place in the continuity of the recap movies rather than the show, but it does nevertheless joss the theory, sort of.

      1. Also wrong, the Original Japanese runtime of this show included the ending with the driver being implied as lelouch. It was later removed because the studio and the author decided that a choose your own ending suited the show better.

  2. Please, please, pleeeeaaasseee, react to the code geass Akito the Exiled series/spin off episodes/movies. Another really cool series and helps build the world significantly. It takes place between s1 and s2.

  3. loved your reactions for code geass and how your opinions changed of the show and the whole journey from beginning to finish. Another anime I’d recommend if you like shows like code geass I’d say watch Gundam 00, and/or Gundam iron blooded orphans. Both great shows which are also made by sunrise studios.