Community 1×1 Reaction

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  1. I was already looking forward to this but knowing y’all have personal community college stories makes me even more excited for these reactions! Thanks for the videos guys ??

    1. Yeah same. Community is hilarious, but I was hoping for a serious show since they are already reacting to Brooklyn 99. Hopefully Dark wins the next show poll!

  2. The pilot most people know is 26 minutes. It is the producers cut. Netflix cut it down to 21. I don’t know why. Maybe to make it the same length as all the other eppisodes. Its really weird. Also the dungeons and dragons eppisode got taken down

  3. If you have the dvd set or something, I recommend watching from that instead of Netflix (Hulu’s is better as well, I think). Subtitles are bad on Netflix so you’ll miss a lot of jokes and you’ll also miss one of the best episodes.

    So happy you’re finally watching it!

  4. I love that Eric mentioned the music and I really hope they look up the composer at some point. Ludwig Goransson does a phenomenal job handling the score and most of the original songs in the series, of which there are many. And of course, the BW crew is already familiar with his work doing the score for The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.