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  1. The ancient art depicting pool players seems to me to be a parody of Ancient Greece art: in Ancient Greek Athletics, the athletes were naked, as is depicted on ancient potteries or statues, like the Discobolus from Myron.

  2. is rick from the south? cause that is a very us pronounciation of pumpkin. i only know i pronounce interesting correctly and everyone else says it wrong. i pronounce it the way its spelt. in-ter-rest-ting instead of intresting or inneresting.

  3. did some research and that isnt a thing. they never changed his name from cookie monster to carrot monster. that is an internet panic fake news. they have done several segments over the years (even when i was a kid) where they teach cookie monster its not healthy to eat ONLY cookies. its just that was done before the internet so there wasnt a place to complain and say “they are ruining my childhood”. one article in particular was about this dad who’s daughter’s diaper had cookie monster eating carrots and he freaked out and wrote this five page essay on why they shouldnt change him to carrot monster but no, sesame street never came out and said: he is now carrot monster