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  1. About the discussion on technological leaps, I think Aaron gets hung up on visual difference, which is only natural once we get to a high level of realism, but any improvement is indeed a drastic advance as Eric said. So when he used the leap from say Mario 64 to a modern Mario title, compared from TLOU 1 to the Remake, he thinks Mario 64 is a bigger jump because of visual difference.

    But really it’s like Walter White’s meth. As Gale told Gus, getting from like 44% purity to 90% is difficult, but ticking on another percentage point from there on is a “tremendous gulf.” And I’ve seen developers talk about that with the “soft” plateau visual graphics have hit.

  2. Aaron couldn’t be more wrong about the technological arguments. The only reason you don’t notice the leaps is because of how fast they are happening. The only reason you don’t think you can progress further is because you can’t imagine what is beyond your grasp. In the 19th century they said “everything that can be invented has been invented” because they thought they reached they couldn’t advance further.

    An easy example is that we still aren’t in a place where CG people/creatures arent viable for 99.99% of live action content.