Community 1×25 Reaction

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  1. I don’t get it, that whole scene didn’t felt cringe at all. I feel like you guys get cringed out easily. Plus I love “cringey” moments it makes things more spicy and entertaining.

      1. It is funny you say that because in the past he has said he loves cringe humour and doesn’t get triggered easily. Even in the reaction, they comment on Eric cringing when he says “I don’t use the word lightly” and Calvin looks surprised at Eric. Maybe that was just in the full length idk – not saying you are wrong i just guess we got different ideas from the same thing – cool

  2. This was a great reaction but the highlight was the bit of them calling out Eric about the Jeff/Annie thing whether he cares or not. 😂

  3. abed’s character is semi aware he’s in a show sometimes. so the finale feel thing was just him breaking the fourth wall knowing this is a season finale

  4. Personally I was shocked with the Jeff and Annie kiss but it felt so right, their chemistry is incredible.
    But then, you come down from the moment and remember the age gap…

  5. I have really enjoyed watching this season over again with you guys, I love Community, and have really enjoyed getting to see you all react to it for the first time. One thing I did find interesting…and I guess I must phrase carefully…the show takes less risks in Season 1 than I remembered. Sure there is Modern Warfare, poultry, and plenty of Dan Harmon brand comedy…but it’s not hugely different from other half hour comedies. It’s kind of nice because all the character establishment it puts the work in on will be paid off over the rest of the show.