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  1. Haven’t finished the entire reaction but the accounting teacher/class was based on the movie “dead poets society” lol!! Not sure if y’all connected this or if y’all have seen the movie.. but they do a lot of episodes based on other shows/movies too which is really fun.

  2. I jsut got a patreon membership but it’s not letting me watch the video. Keeps telling me to unlock patreon but it doesn’t work when I try :/

  3. The arabic scene is subtitled usually idk why the netflix version doesn’t, his dad says “i never said you were the reason she left” and abed says “you didn’t have to”, the netflix version also removed one of the best episodes in season 2 (? i think) because its a D&D episode and one character dresses as a dark elf and they thought it was too close to blackface so they removed it, i know other people are mentioning this and im a few weeks behind but if you guys could find a different version to watch later on i would recommend it