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  1. I’m sure it’s been pointed out, but in case it hasn’t and the copy you’re watching is from a streamer, don’t forget that Hulu and Netflix pulled episode 2.14 (for reasons that I won’t go into but that you could easily edit around if you wanted to [don’t think you’d need to, but you can if you want]). The episode is still available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, etc.; it’s just not on the streamers.

    2.14 is widely considered one of the best of the series (easy top 5 and both Allison Brie and the episode’s director Joe Russo [as in the MCU’s Russo Brothers] have said it’s their favorite) and want to make sure that in a few months you don’t skip from 2.13 to 2.15.

  2. The “Old White Man Says” is based on an actual twitter account that was big at the time about a young guy that would write what this old white guy would say that was always rediculous.

    1. Not just that, but they even made a joke in the episode about an Old White Man Says TV show, which is what actually happened, to the real twitter account – a TV show was made from it.

  3. My man, using “gay” to mean lame isn’t a gay stereotype joke. It’s simply a demeaning use of a word that describes a type of people to mean something wholly unrelated. Note that it’s used by Chang, who is arguably the biggest villain of the series. Most of the offensive cringe humor is said by Pierce (also a regular villain) to make fun of Pierce and to show how out of touch he is. These “jokes” are the writers telling you that if you want to say those things, you’re out of touch. If you’re laughing at the substance of the joke, you’re a Chang/Pierce, who are the actual butts of the joke. Most of the rest of us are laughing at Chang and Pierce for saying such stupid shit.

    Actual gay and confused sexual identity stereotype jokes are throughout the series (and note how the so-called “woke” writers have no problem using them) primarily in the form of the Dean. Those jokes aren’t there to demean the Dean, but rather show through the progression of the series how he experiments with and ultimately embraces his (extremely) confusing sexual identity. They’re not jokes at the expense of him and his identity, but jokes that elevate him and his arch.

    1. By the way, the entire point of cringe humor is to make fun of the person causing the cringe (saying cringe worthy jokes/doing cringe worthy acts) and not the substance of the cringe itself.

      The guys responded to the cringe humor by literally cringing, the entire point of cringe humor. But you think the appropriate response to cringe humor is to be free to laugh out loud at the substance of the cringe (ie, to not cringe), which misses the entire point of cringe humor.

  4. The Myth that urine is sterile has been perpetuated for far too long, firstly it’s only male urine that is close to being sterile, secondly it’s technically not, it’s got all kinds of toxins and chemicals that your liver and kidneys are just getting rid of, drinking it back into your system would lead to many many problems. Urine is only sterile if the host body is completely clean, which it rarely isn’t.

    Bear Grylls isn’t a fraud.

  5. The game of Chicken reminds me of the time on Friends when Chandler and Phoebe played a sort of game of “sexual” chicken. Chandler was trying to cover up his relationship with Monica but Phoebe and Rachel knew. Monica wanted to win so she pushed Chandler to keep going. Same kind of vibes.

  6. I haven’t watched this yet. I’m just commenting to say, HOW DO I SEE THE VIDEO MARKED “do not post,” WITH A THUMBNAIL OF AARON CRYING? 😂

    I also now need to hunt down whatever is within the video titled “Rick’s plan for Aaron.”