Community 2×14 Reaction

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  1. I’m so upset I can’t watch this in full length. They took off community from Amazon and Netflix doesn’t even have this episode because they think everything is racist. Smh

  2. As a Black person, I think the main thing was that they acknowledged it as blackface like Shirley said ” Are we going to ignore the walking hate crime” and Pierce actively called him blackface so yea. I love this episode but I can see why it was pulled

  3. as far as im aware, very few people actually had any problems with chang in this episode it was kinda just amazon being extra cautious cause of the BLM rallies going on. also you guys discussed whether chang might have been doing it intentionally and using the drow thing as an excuse, while i think its not impossible for his character that would be the case i think its really unlikely when you consider how completely he was into playing DnD during the short time he was actually in the game. every time he had a chance to roleplay he went all out, i think he just actually legitimately loves DnD.

  4. This episode was something the blind wave crew trying not to laugh but then dying laughing at everything pierce did was funniest to me they were trying not to but couldn’t help it and you could see how much Calvin hated himself for laughing just goes to show Chevy chase was truly perfect for the character and pierce is top 5 community characters

  5. Eric’s points about making your fatness a sort of known line are extremely correct. My friends in high school knew not to cross certain lines, but to this date one of the funniest things anyone has ever said to me was when a new friend on a study abroad trip saw a picture of me from middle school and said “oh wow what was that, 50 pounds ago?”
    She knew she was within bounds and was able to use it to perfect comedic effect.