Community 2×8 Reaction

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  1. Thank god for Calvin’s amazing memory and remembering Annie’s Boobs! I totally forgot about it during my first run through.
    Now they just need to go back and watch for when you can actually see the monkey taking the pen

  2. If you look closely in the pre-credit scene, you can actually see the monkey’s hand reach up and take the pen (it’s just after the Dean comes in with the puppy, so the audience is distracted by the cute.)

    I had never connected the ‘evolution of man’ to their devolution before, and now I feel dumb!

  3. To reiterate Emma’s point:

    The scene you specifically need to rewatch is when the Dean announces the puppy parade to the study group. When it cuts to Troy saying “Aww I wanna lick it”, Annie’s Boobs’ hand can be seen grabbing Annie’s pen from the table.