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  1. At 8:24 in the episode when Jeff says “head”, check out the two extras in the background exiting a building. Girl wipes mouth and guy fixes pants lol

  2. Hey! Glad you guys are watching this show finally. It is one of the most underrated comedies of all time. Here’s a few things that I think you may have missed.
    1) The name of the episode is Basic Lupine(WOLF) Urology(DICK)
    2) The reason the woman was so convincing as the coroner, is because she has played the Medical Examiner on pretty much all of the Law and Order shows. Regular Law and Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent, she has been on all of them. More than 300 episodes as this character, lol.
    3) At 8:19 of this episode on Netflix, look(no audio for it) in the far background on the right side of the screen for a joke that Dan Harmon didn’t realize until he watched it in the commentary.