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  1. We had chocolate cigarettes in the UK when i was growing up, they were chocolate sticks with paper wrapped around them, they packs even had fake cig brands made up for them

    1. Same here in France, to me it’s forever linked to my great-grandmother, she would always give us kids one when we went to see her. But it was a long time ago, she died in 1975 when I was 5 yo (yes, I’m old), I don’t know when chocolate cigarettes ceased to be a thing.
      Also, I never saw a kid smoke in elementary school, but a lot of kids smoked cigarettes in middle school, and it was allowed for highschoolers to smoke up until the late 90s…

  2. Can confirm chocolate cigarettes were a thing where I’m from in Australia. I don’t think it ever made kids want to smoke though. They were just fun