Cowboy Bebop 26 Reaction EARLY ACCESS

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  1. There were so many comments about Fate in the last poll, so I thought they would understand … Zero is the right one to start!
    FSN (2006) – first one
    Fate Zero (2011) – prequel to FSN and FSM UBW
    FSN UBW (2014) – sequel to Zero and remake/reimagining to FSN
    How the hell do you deside that the latter is the right one?

    1. Fate is a series such that the “obvious” starting point is the least obvious of pretty much any series ever because every single one of them causes conflicts in watching the others (and has an abnormal naming scheme). Now I doubt the crew will watch more than one so yeah fate/zero would definitely be the best option but… they could do worse than UBW. At least the visuals will entertain. Hard for the crew to make educated decisions on this stuff while actively trying to stay uneducated to retain “blind” status. And yes that still applies when viewing comments. Or could, I forget if they have someone offscreen managing that end of things. If they do then… they dun goofed.

  2. If they do end up seeing UBW then that opens up the potential for UBW abridged which might actually make it worth them not seeing zero. UBWA is some top tier stuff.