Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 1×10 Reaction

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  1. NOOO dude, this is the worst episode for this to happen T-T I thought it might’ve been when I saw the double drop and what happened with Sandman. I’m so sad dude dammit

  2. I honestly don’t mind this, it sucks not seeing their first time reaction, but their second time they could take it in, and got to see aaron’s reaction to the world as well

  3. Very disappointing that this isn’t a reaction because of the footage issue. This is the one I really wanted to see their pure response, especially to what happened to Rebecca. So sad.

  4. Now that Cyberpunk is done, can we please get them to watch Kill la Kill? I feel now that they have become accustomed to Trigger’s flair, they will absolutely love KLK.

  5. Damn man, seems like a new solution for lost footage is needed. Its happened twice on episodes that I wanted to see reactions to more than the whole rest of the season lol