Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 1×8 Reaction

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  1. This is the episode that always gets me, because it’s how David’s trauma incidentally causes him to create that same loop for some other academy kid all over again. It’s the point of no return even while we never see it from the victim’s perspective here, we can see David trying to find a way to not just get pulled into that loop in exactly the same way. It shapes everything about the momentum leading in to the final two episodes.

  2. The reason the dialogue is “weird” when they talk via phone is because it’s in their mind. Your brain works way faster than your mouth can so in an actual conversation your mouth is basically the filter for the words you’re saying

    In the “mind” calls they’re having, there is no filter. So words repeat, sentences get cut off etc. It’s been a thing since the very start, I mean, look at episode 3 with how Maine is talking to Lucy. It’s just more noticeable in later episodes because they use the phone calls more often.

  3. i think they mean cut back on cyberware, as in you can get simpler upgrades that dont require as much brain power to operate. david is going for some heavy strong upgrades while others just do a simple im not flesh upgrades. and it seems david keeps upgrading small things that are probably unnecessary but improve his overall capability but that begins taxing the mind more and more