Dark 1×10 Reaction

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  1. One of the reasons I and many others are so adamant about watching the show in German is because the show is a whole “feel” with the way music and lighting and language are used. Maybe this is or is not culturally insensitive to say but the German language, with the actors’ natural voices IS Dark. The sound of the language combined with everything else and the having to track subtitles forces you into the dark and disoriented feeling of the show. I strongly believe that the experience of the show is far more important than fully catching and understanding everything the first run through.

    1. Wait as a solo watcher you find you have trouble tracking subtitles? I get it with them because they are in a group distracting each other. Are you sure you are watching the correct subtitles (English is the subs for the german audio, English CC is the subs for the English dub for the hearing impaired) If you watch English CC with german it is harder to track because they are timed and segmented more poorly for the dialogue in german, as well as matching the english dubs dialogue rather than the more raw translation of “English” subs. I only had trouble keeping up when I watched the wrong one. Then again I grew up watching subtitled anime so maybe my brain is just more “trained” for subs.

      1. I’ve been watching the English CC subs while the audio is in German so damn, thanks for this new information I think I might just go back and rewatch S1 with the proper subtitles on this time around.

  2. I think is no “perfect way” to understand everything and remember every relationship in the first watch. I was so much confused than you in this moment but also i realized some things that you didnt and you realized some other that i ididnt in this moment haha.