Dark 1×7 Reaction

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  1. I recommend rewatching the entire first season in between seasons 1 and 2. It will help really drill in names and details before the new twists in season 2 start!

  2. I thought they would be much better at keeping track of the characters. They either need to do multiple rewatches or use dark.netflix.io because they are not gonna understand anything as the show just gets more and more complex.

  3. Again, these DARK reactions really make my day! 🙂 Thanks again for watching this incredible series, guys.
    Quick question, I’m considering buying the Remarkable 2 and were wondering if you could share with me your review of the tablet!
    Thanks in advance~

  4. to be fair i skipped 2017 entirely. the whole year was busy with work and when new years rolled around and i mentioned to coworkers its about to be 2017 they all looked at me like im crazy and said its about to be 2018. so yeah i lived 2016 for two years lol

  5. The Nuclear power plant definitely wasn’t build in the 20s as the first nuclear reactor was develped in the early 50s. Also clothes in germany in the 50s would have been pretty different from clothes in the USA.

  6. Anybody else here remembering the good old days before dark.netflix.io became a thing and we had to either create our own murder walls or look back into 1×01 to keep track of all of the characters?

  7. The boy that middle aged Helge was taking out of the bunker was Yasin , not Mads. He was wearing a school uniform not the yellow sweatshirt Mads had.