Dark 1×9 Reaction

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  1. Hey! I’m kind of new here in their Patreon, and i just wanted to ask if there’s a reason why sometimes they only put their videos on their website and don’t put the video that is directly on YouTube?

    1. think it’s something to do with upload times to youtube, if the video hasn’t uploaded by the time they want to release it they host it direct from the website. this is just a guess though.

  2. Enjoying your reactions :-).
    You are very focused on the ‘how does x work’ aspects of everything. It might be interesting to also spend some time on the human interactions and conversations. For example, why does Helge’s mother dislike him so much (major clue in this episode) — is the fact Katharina’s mother hit her the reason she’s such a bully to Regina — can Helge be blamed for what he did, when he so clearly didn’t want to do it? I found these parts of the story very rewarding to explore.

  3. I’m really glad that they take some much time to analyze each episode because when I was watching dark for the first time, I was having a headache with each new episode hahaha, and couldn’t really completely follow what was currently going on.

  4. About the chronology of events in 1986, between Regina and Ulrich/Katerina: from what I understand, they tying her to a tree happened before. In chronological order: 1. They tied her to a tree and let her there, “just as a prank”, i.e. they bullied her. 2. Because of that, she was afraid to walk alone in the forest, so Mads went with her after their fencing training, he then was abducted on his way back. 3. When Hannah suggested to them that Regina could be the one who made the rape accusation, Ulrich and Katerina believe her because they think it was Regina’s way to come back at them for tying her to the tree.

  5. I’m re-watching this and I still get confused about the order of stuff that happens in this show. It’s so complicated. I wonder how the writers even kept it straight.

  6. Man, fuck Hannah, what a snake. I hope she gets whats coming to her. Like jesus so much manipulation, and started so young too. I honestly hate her so much lol.