Dark 3×4 Reaction

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  1. How can you not understand when it’s clearly spelled out for you? The damn family tree in the website literally gives them the answer! I’m getting secondhand frustration here, geez.

  2. The only frustrating thing is people leaving smug comments on Dark episodes when they have already seen the entire show. But I’m sure you guys had it all figured out by episode 4 ;).

    1. True lol, Its easy to feel frustrated when you already have an image or context for why stuff is important or a reveal. Typical reactions comments being unhinged about others experience with the show

    2. I don’t know dude, this is my first time watching season 3 in it’s entirety and I do find myself frustrated with the crew. The unknown literally stepping onto his spot on the family tree, and the website providing all the info, but for some reason it’s still a topic for discussion where he fits into all of this. There’s a whole monologue by Tronte wondering if that’s his father and that he doesn’t want to know that apperantly they forgot. There’s more but I don’t want to write an essay here.