Dark 3×8 Reaction

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  1. I like that you guys ultimately agreed with the Patrons on the subtitles being an important way to watch the show. There’s important atmosphere in the German language and the actors’ natural voices. I think everyone is also ultimately surprised in how many German words they already know anyway.

    1. Their policy is always subs for live action, always dubs for anime. I have never heard them say why outside of saying that before Squid Game. But I assume it’s because live action dubs are for some like me impossible to watch. All I can see is the wrong lip and facial movement, whereas when it’s a cartoon mouth flapping sync is so much easier.

      1. their reason is their note taking. it’s hard to watch, read, and write all at once. which is why in this series they heavily relied on each other’s notes

  2. I’m pretty sure Earth 2 Hanna miscarried and Eva sent Egon to save her and take her back to the fifties so that she can meet younger Egon and they can conceive Silja to continue the family tree in Marta’s world.