Demon Slayer 1×19 Reaction

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  1. The last 3 episodes definitely focused on the life flashing before ones eye. All 3 of our heroes went through it.

    Zenitsu remembered the lessons from his Gramps, inosuke remembered his new friends, the old lady, and an unknown woman he doesn’t remember, and Tanjiro remembered a breathing technique that was taught to him at a very young age.

    1. Tanjiro was not taught the breathing technique by his father and it is not clarified if he was even taught the kagura dance or it was instinctual from always watching his father. Total Concentration Breathing is a universal things it is the sword forms that change how it is expressed

  2. I’m not sure that I like the way they changed the dialogue for Tanjiro’s father. He said that he wanted to pass them down and that they were his gift. However, in the original dub he says that the dance and especially the earrings must be passed down to him and that this was the promise he made. To who? We don’t know yet, but it makes you wonder what is so special about the dance and earrings that they have to be passed down

  3. your definitely onto something with the scar thing…it’s slightly confusing because no main characters or even side characters for that matter saw and acknowledged tanjiro pre scar change.

    so no reason they would notice and tanjirou himself never mentions it so it’s something the viewer notices, but quickly accepts and doesn’t question deeply because there is no answer for it this season.