Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie Reaction

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    1. Yup, I thought so too brother. I personally enjoyed Jujutsu kaisen season 1 more than demon slayer season 1, but after watching this movie, I was like nope.. Demon Slayer takes the lead. There’s also a Jujutsu kaisen movie coming this december or next year I think. Hopefully, that delivers.

    2. How did it save the series lol? Season 1 and the movie cover some of the weakest arcs of the manga. Season 2 and season 3 will adapt the best parts.

      1. @KneelbeforeMe lmao.. homie you should watch more anime, e.g both promised neverland and one punch man, season 1 sure was dope but season 2 didn’t deliver. Doesn’t matter if it’s the weakest arcs of the manga or not it just has to be good. Demon Slayer having only 1 season out so far doesn’t make it a must-watch for viewers like hero academia or attack on titan and since the demon slayer movie is a direct continuation of the anime, it’s obvious that this movie had to work to keep viewers on board. The story, music, animation and ending, etc was top-notch here. So it did save the series for many viewers such as myself. IMO as I said jujutsu kaisen season 1 is better than demon slayer season 1.

        1. Apparently you don’t watch enough anime to know the power of casuals, Demon Slayer won best anime of the year and skyrocketed past some of the biggest shows and manga in anime history with just their first season. This movie in no way “needed to keep people watching”, the amount of newcomers to the anime community from this and MHA was ridiculous, and because you enjoyed JJK more doesn’t just magically make all those numbers and stats disappear. Is it worthy of the title of best anime of that year and decade, well that’s up to personal taste, my answer is obviously no. Demon Slayer has and will be going strong for a long time.

        2. Dude what are you even talking about? The movie didn’t need to save it or anything, it was one of the best rated Animes of that season and well received not to mention the Manga was massive.

          The movie did not need to do anything, I hardly think MHA will match this show overall. So stop acting like Season 1 wasn’t good to people

  1. they left some things out of this arc in the movie but not the things they left out were not that much and important some few things like that one guy taking one of the shinny dudes out of tanjiros subconscious with him still a great movie but i just can recommend the manga because its a good read

  2. Season 2 is set to release later this year, it’s supposed to go to Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu first and then Netflix later. They’ve already released the trailer, but haven’t announced the exact date. Since we’re now half way through the year an announcement is expected very soon

    1. What? How?

      Eric and Calvin loved season 1 and ranked it as B tier for their reactions, only Rick had it lower

      So how in the world does it seem “forced”

  3. Yea they’ve stated in the anime before that the upper 6 havent changed in hundreds of years, and Muzan personally dismantled the lower 6

  4. This movie didn’t need to be this good to have people still watching. It’s the biggest anime out there and the sales is out of this world. It’s the most popular anime going right now. And season 1 and the movie is just the beginning, it gets even crazier and better then it already is. As much as i like jjk. I prefer demon slayers.

  5. The people who complain about demon slayers are the people who are salty that it surpass there favorite anime/manga in popularity and only a few that I’ve seen has a problem with the show itself.

  6. So I havent read the manga but I have friends who tell me that season 1 covers the weakest arcs, aside from Rui and rehabilitation arc which are my personal favorite arcs, everything past season 1 was a banger. So heres my theory on Tanjiro’s scar and the blacksword. If we think back to Final Selection we can recall many kids that had the same type of scar as Tanjiro. They all perished aside from him, Zenitsu, Kanao and the other kid. If we remember we were told that black swordsmen do not go far in the demon slayer corps, often dying quickly and not even mastering a style. So maybe the scar signifies sword users who are destined to acquire a black sword and fail. The only evidence I have of this is Tanjiro having the same scar as those kids and getting a black sword. It makes sense considering all those kids died during Final Selection. Now heres where it gets interesting. Back when Tanjiro finds Muzan in the city Muzan is fixated on the earrings Tanjiro is wearing. We learned in season one those were passed down to him by his father, and his father knows this Hinokami Kagura technique. Maybe Tanjiro’s father was a demon slayer who used this super special breathing form the “Hinokami Kagura” and maybe thats why Tanjiro hasnt failed or died yet and why his scar changed from the one that is destined to fail, to one that seems to be related to this special technique. Just my three cents though lol curious to know how others feel about this theory