Doctor Who 07×00 FULL LENGTH

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  1. As is previously stated above the audio wouldn’t sync I think whoever did the editing may have accidentally speed up the footage ever so slightly, as I watched it, the audio progressively outpaced my version (Netflix for reference). Okay so did some testing it would seem the problem isn’t the editing of your video, since the timer at the bottom is going at the correct speed, so originally I was wrong which means it’s just the copy of the footage that is faster? I don’t know this is quite odd; faster transitions maybe? What version of the footage are you guys using? I haven’t noticed this before on any of the Doctor Who videos.

  2. It should be the American Blu Ray version. Someone in Discord was able to sync it by:

    “downloading the video fine and running it at 1.04x speed in vlc syncs it up pretty damn perfectly”