Dr. No Movie Reaction

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  1. My dad was a huge Bond fan, named me after him in fact, and he told me more than once about seeing Dr No at the drive-in with his parents in ’62. He would have been 11 at the time, and, according to him, Ursula Andress coming out of the ocean in that bikini left QUITE an impression on the young man. Hard for us to appreciate, I think, given the change in cultural norms.

  2. My first bond movie was Goldeneye and then Gold Finger. Dr No is a okay movie and a welcomed introduction to Bond. I do have to say the intro song really does not age well in my opinion

  3. Fun little thing is that for “X-Men First Class” they replicate the dots for the end credits because of the 60’s setting, then Mathew Vaughn would go on to direct Kingsman which as you all know is his love letter to 60’s/70’s Bond.

  4. i’ve only really seen the pierce bronson films and not all of them. saw some of daniel craigs (their awful and i’ve slept through most of them so no idea what happened) and i’ve seen bits and pieces of sean connory via flipping the tube as a kid. no idea which ones but i know in one he is tied to a table while a laser is slowing making its way to his penis to cut him in half. and via tv shows i know a LOT of the names of the films, just never seen em. i do remember the cartoon show. “im bond. james bond. junior” lol LOVE IT! its a thing kids, GOOGLE!

    1. You’r on crack if u think their awful, Craig’s bond movies r easily the best of the of the franchise ( expect quantum of solace ). Casino Royal and Skyfall r 2 of the best action movies ever.

  5. its shocking i’ve seen more pocs in this 60s bond film then in any modern bond film. can they get this director back? talk about going backwards lol and no is so more of a japanese name (spelt Noh), not chinese but twas the time. twas the time

  6. Never heard of the Peter Lorre movie you mentioned, but the 1967 Casino Royale movie stars Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Orson Welles, and a bunch of others.

  7. Watching all the movies would be a trip through making franchise action movies in history! Like DAVID said, once a month at least and boy will you experience how the series followed other cinema and TV and at the same time influenced them. When people say Bond is woke these days, I say that’s been the case since the 1960’s.. they’ve alway’s tried to adapt and add things more topical/current. The only way this franchise kept fresh for 60 years, name another and prove me wrong 🙂