Dr. Stone 1×19 Reaction

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  1. Employing/training animals would be cool to see in the series, like hawks, wolves or mounts. That would create a difference, but which side should start first?

  2. In regards to Tsukasa’s ideology, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a might makes right situation exactly. Weapons of science can make it much easier for few to rule the many. There are elements of a low technology world that make it more ‘democratic’ in a way. An unpopular despot can use wealth generated though science to get people on their side and with weapons of science fewer people can suppress greater numbers. Without such scientific tools you have to keep more of the people happy to keep your throne in simple terms.

    I really like Dr.Stone because
    it feels like there is a real general love of science that I don’t recall getting anywhere else. Even while it talks about how it can and is used against people the feeling of the show doesn’t change.

    Love the videos. Thanks for all you do.