Dr. Stone 2×3 Reaction

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  1. Eric is right, Tsukasa’s base is the remnants of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower whihc is a 54-story mixed-use skyscraper located in Roppongi, Japan.

    1. The Blonde with the big lips? Yeah, she’s shown from behind the first time Jillean’s music is referenced. I only recognized her on my third watch through.

    1. It’s really a fantastic show, and Eric’s reactions are exactly how I felt watching the show. The reverence for the scientific method, and the appreciation for the hidden everyday science of the modern world are truly what I love about this show. They’ve been a great bunch to watch reacting to a show that I very much love.

    1. True with all recorded media gone the only method of preservation is through reviving the original artist and having them remake it. Anything made by someone who died before the petrification is effectively lost forever and could only be reproduced through imitation. There is another possibility, but that’s iffy and would be getting into spoilers