Dr. Stone 2×9 Reaction

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  1. In regards to Senku’s Dynamite comment Nobel did not create Dynamite for war. Nobel’s father was an engineer and he along with his brother and father were trying to make Nitroglycerin usable as a stronger alternative to black powder. Nobel eventually invented the blasting cap allowing Nitroglycerin to be detonated from a far, but after an explosion in their factory that killed his father, brother, and several others Nobel moved to a private isolated workshop where he invented Dynamite for the purpose of mining and construction. It was only after Dynamite’s wide scale adoption that the military wanted to start using it for war and to make trenches more quickly. Even before it’s use in war Nobel always said that he created Dynamite because he wanted to help people, which it did by making certain people like miner’s jobs easier

  2. just remembered senku actually has lied about science lmfao when he said there were four basic uses for calcium carbonate and then hid the fourth one while saying he must’ve misspoke. dang we’ve been bamboozled