Dr. Stone 3×3 Reaction

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  1. so last episode. the manga translated francois line better. as desire = justice. as for this episode the photo wasnt suppose to be that clear. kohaku’s good eyesight really helps her spot it in the manga, not sure why the anime zoomed it in that much to make it look so easy.

    also the dog has been there since the ramen episode, if not before then. when she followed gen and hyoga after their first attack the dog was there

      1. It’s not because they don’t care though. It would be too easily to accidentally read spoilers. Most times, if something important is said in a comment, Rhop will inform them, but only if he’s interested enough in the show to keep up with the comments. I get the feeling, with the lack of corrections or edits on the spoilery intros, that Rhop is not a fan of Dr. Stone. At least not to the degree that he’s taking an outsized interest in it. They do react to MANY other shows, so it could be difficult to give each show and it’s comments the attention they deserve.