Dr. Stone 3×4 Reaction

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  1. Um ukyo being a general makes the most sense really. He’s literally the only person we have that was in the military. So strategy warfare and combat are all in his wheelhouse. He just specializes in sonar detection. His hearing is his super power but that’s not all hes capable of. Ryusui has shown his competence on many different areas and can see senku as their true leader. Gen is a specialist in phycology which is necessary when dealing with unknown possible people. Chrome is really the only iffy one because he’s more reactionary than foresight. But his creativity and flexibility helps pull the other 4 out of their boxes helping them think more flexibly without preconceived knowledge

    1. Completely agree. And Chrome is valuable because he’s knowledgeable about the area. Also, he sort of represents the viewers in the sense that he has a sense of science basics, but he’s still learning as he follows along. He’s a perfect conduit for exposition because he’ll ask the questions the viewer is thinking.