Dr. Stone: Ryusui Reaction

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  1. Ok Aaron the Russian people went to mainland Japan. The astronauts landed on a small island off the coast of Japan which they were aiming for Japan where senku is. We saw most of them have children and die on that island the Russians that left were looking for medicine on the mainland of Japan. So ishigami village was likely founded by them and over the years people left the smaller island to come to the mainland because senkus dad said the first story in the hundred tales should make people wanna reach mainland Japan where senku is. Editor or whoever reads these please tell them their already where the Russians went. Better question is who didn’t leave the small island the astronauts landed on originally

    Also Eric it was senku that specified good bad. Chrome uses it interchangeabley so he doesn’t get confused. Chrome asked if it was a bad idea, senku confirmed yes good bad.

    1. I don’t think you are right. There are still people on the small island. Its literally the next arc. And Ishigami village wasn’t founded by russians left for medicine. They most likely died. It was just some of the new generations who left to the mainland