Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie Reaction

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  1. The scene with Zenk walking away so straight over the rock was Zenk improv-ing it and they loved it so much they went with it, I love it so much too lol

  2. cant believe you guys never heard of the phrase “from hither to tither”. soon as she said the name of the staff i knew what it did just like we all knew it was magic from its appearance.

  3. I liked the fight choreography more than I thought I would, looks “fantasy” and cool without being over the top and completely unrealistic. But what’s really cool as well; as best as I can tell, all of the combat is an accurate representation of D&D’s 6-second combat “rounds,” with the number of attacks they make, how far they can move, etc. in that time frame. Sofina, being a high level boss-like character gets D&D’s “legendary actions” as well to explain her being able to keep up with the party’s attacks. Really cool to see it play out in live action so closely to the tabletop version.

  4. In the final fight during that one take, if you count it out each character takes one action during three 6-second windows AKA 3 rounds of combat

  5. This movie was a pleasant surprise, enjoyed it a lot! And since you mentioned it, it’s not too late to react to season 2 of Legend of Vox Machina!
    I thought the second season was better than the first, think you’ll really like it 🙂