Encanto Movie Reaction

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  1. Fruits basket mention yesss!!!! They need to watch it lol! But fun reaction, we don’t talk about bruno is such a catchy song.. be careful because it might get stuck in y’alls head for a week or something.

  2. Lot of interesting Colombian cultural references in this movie. Butterflies being an important one, and specifically the yellow butterfly that they see in Bruno’s vision is a reference to “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. One of the most important texts in Colombian literature and an example of magical realism literature that also describes the nature of this movie. Yellow butterflies in that book follow love interests throughout the text and here they symbolize love as the solution. Mirabel repairing her relationship with Isabela, and Abuela with Mirabel.

    Another little easter egg, all the doors feature their character with their eyes closed except for Bruno’s door.

  3. Mirabelle is the only one in the family besides Abuella that can speak to the house and “command” it in a way and they both don’t have “a gift”. She is indeed the next Abuella, the next “leader” of the family. You’re absolutely correct! The gifts were destroying the family cause they lost sight of what the true gift is, family. Also some fun details: 1) Dolores always whispers because her hearing is very sensitive due to her gift, she only uses her normal voice when the gift is gone. 2) During the first dinner scene when Dolores says to Isabella that her future husband wants 5 kids you can see she’s not happy about it and flowers flourish on her head due to shock(all purple except one white which abuella removes as she refers to how perfect Isabella is, she’s basically removing the “imperfection”). 3) Bruno is extremely supersticious (throwing salt, knovking on wood etc) because everyobdy though he brought bad luck with his visions. 4) They weren’t chased by Colonizers. Columbia had and still has issues with people forced to move from their home due to civil war.

      1. the conflict referenced in the movie is the Thousand Days War but with the majority of the movie taking place 50 years after that event a parallel can also be drawn for La Violencia

        both wars are caused by the same thing (political disagreements internally in the country) and while La Violencia isn’t directly referenced the fact that the families home is destroyed 50 years after they were forced out of the previous town, it is still a meaningful thing to know about because real people lived through both of these wars and were forced out of there homes both times