Evolution Movie Reaction

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  1. I haven’t been too enthused about the movie selections recently, which is good, it means you guys are doing something for everyone. But I just got the email and I’m so excited to watch this now. It’s by no means a masterpiece but it’s such an entertaining film. It baffles me that this hasn’t been franchised. The concept is so good. It would make a great game too with constantly evolving monsters you have to kill with different variations of head and shoulders.

    1. I definitely would love a game like that, the few closest things that we have are the 4v1 Evolve game that was not too great, the Starcraft 2 Zerus cinematic that was great but not a game, and the micro-phase of the Spore game.
      We need MORE.

    2. It did get a cartoon series, which I loved as a kid so much that I remember it being way longer than it actually was! (It was only one season…)

  2. why? if anything in this movie makes no sense. they saw a fucking dragon and called it an alien bird. that was a mother fucking dragon. at that point i would have wanted to tame that sucker and own a dragon

  3. Holy shit! This is up there with Heavyweights and the Mummy movies as weirdly hilarious movies that I watched wayyy too young lol (I forget, Little Nicky too!) I really hope This is the End makes a poll one day as it feels like the perfect funny apocalypse movie for our fearsome 4 lol

  4. It was Julianne Moore’s idea for her to be clumsy af
    Can’t find how much H&S paid/got paid, but apparently there wasnt selenium until after this movie, the intense treatment has 1% lol

  5. I’ve never even heard of this film, and I know now that this was the first of many, many viewings. I will force all of my friends to watch this film