Fast & Furious Movie Reaction

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  1. At the beginning you talked about how they never went in a straight line in Tokyo Drift. I think that cars tuned for drifting are harder to keep straight when accelerating, they are made to flick out.

  2. oh i didnt know she was in this one too lol. i fell asleep during this film so………………..YEAH. missed a lot. and yeah thats my boo greg cipes aka beast boy. sigh. i love that pot head. first saw him on ghost whisperer before watching titans and i was like “i know him!” lol such a distinct voice. and wow! wonder woman and beast boy, together lol

  3. the movie is called better luck tomorrow (with han in it) and you definitely should watch it. it was a big deal when it came out. an all asian american cast film that hasnt been done in the states since joy luck club. great cast of actors you will all know now but they were all just starting their careers at the time like john cho. it will also let you see the life of asian american teens. besides that, its just a great film!!

  4. There’s a $20 tier? I’m on $15 and I can watch their stuff 4 weeks ahead including this movie. On their patreon page I only see up to $15.

  5. In Tokyo Drift, one of the Fishermen (The one who says “you call that drifting”) is actually Keiichi Tsuchiya. He is known as the RL Drift King and was one of the stunt coordinators for the movie.

  6. I was so fuckjng confused on what movie you were watching ???

    I have never seen that extra intro bit in my entire life. I legit thought I was going crazy.