Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower Movie Reaction

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    1. Except for Europe’s Greater Grail War. The Events of Fate Zero never happened in that timeline because the greater grail was discovered in world war 2 and the major families were killed off.

        1. A lot of women in the the world are used goods now but we still fall in-love with them. No hypocrisy sir, I’m sure if you were give a chance to have a relationship with your favorite actress you would do so in a blink of an eye.

          1. It’s honestly not that big of a deal if she’s damaged goods or not. Yes, she is damaged goods, but try not to upset people by putting that in their faces. Also, people need to stop getting offended over such light terms. Just kindly tell the person not to use that term if you’re not comfortable with it. There’s no need to become an even lower individual and resort to throwing out slurs, yourself.

  1. Kuritsugu used Avalon to save Shirou’s life when he found him… Shirou was on the brink of death. Archer mentioned it during he and Shirou’s battle towards the end of UBW.

  2. The routes of Fate Stay Night are unique in that they are designed to be experienced sequentially. First is the Fate route, which doesn’t have a decent adaptation so it’s skipped unless you read the visual novel. Second is Unlimited Bladeworks, and Third is Heaven’s Feel. Even though these routes all cover the same time period, the information and characters are presented in a way that’s it’s assumed you’ve experienced the prior routes.

  3. Don’t worry my dudes. It’s super confusing and hard to piece together for most people’s first watch through. Just keep all your questions written down or in the back of your head, enjoy the visual spectacle, and most of the questions will be answered by the end of the final movie. Most*

  4. Considering how much they love Kirei they’re going to really enjoy the next couple movies. Way more screen time for him in these the. Unlimited blade works ?

  5. Might I suggest turning on the subtitles if possible? With how the sound in these movies goes, it can be hard to make out dialogue in the middle of battle, for instance. Would also help with certain difficult to catch words, like a certain K-scope man and an Angry Matthew.