Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song Movie Reaction

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        1. Lol guys I had the same problem. All you need to do is go back to patreon, only this time instead of pressing the $15 tier link episode, press the one that says ‘Uber rider’ tier instead. Then once you’re on the website, just search up the latest reaction you want to find. And Walla.

  1. it’s a bit late now that you guys are done it but servants are summoned from the throne of heroes which exists in the root (aka god if it was a location rather than a person) and it exists outside of time and space. so there are many different versions of shiro in there from different timelines. it’s just that it is far more likely to pull one that similar as possible to your own world/ timeline. but the easiest way to but it is that he isn’t a part of the time line anymore.

  2. Now is the end of the “main” universe stuff(excluding the 06 anime showing the fate route). Maybe we can get them to see Fate/Apocrypha in the future.

    1. I’d actually love to see a reaction to Kara no Kyoukai. It’s a bit older than this, but same author, studio, and composer, and it’s jolly good.

      Only problem is that it’s mostly half-length films with a few full-length ones mixed in.

      If they’re planning on continuing down the fate tree, Apocrypha and early Prisma Illya aren’t really as good.

      Actually it’s a shame they don’t do visual novels, Mahoutsukai no Yoru and Tsukihime are fantastic too.

      1. Yeah, it’s a shame the really cool stuff in Prisma Illya is in the third season and movie. That’s probably the coolest version of Shirou that we’ve gotten yet.

  3. Not gonna lie, considering how much this movie cuts, I was worried going in that a lot of this stuff would be too hard to get for them but no, they pretty much got everything that was important here. Hopefully Rick doesn’t see this (he probably won’t) but I wonder how he would react knowing that there’s a Fate series out there where you get to see Gilgamesh again, and he is actually the main focus. Talking about Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia here, which I hope they one day get to see.

  4. I’m genuinely surprised they forgot that they did see rule breaker since Caster used it to remove her tie to assassin and then when Zouken used her body with his bugs she still had rule breaker inside her chest and she tried to use it on Saber that’s where Archer explained what it could do and what it is

  5. Omg I’m stuck in the loop again! Just wanted to watch a video and it’s been telling me I have to pay for 20 minutes, I swear I have! This is really frustrating….

    1. To all those people who are waiting for the patreon – I’ve been there before, it usually takes about a day. It should be ready once you wake up in the morning.

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  6. There were a lot of moments in this trilogy that I really enjoyed. My favorite honestly was the deeper relationship between Illya and Shirou. But, hot take, I don’t like the ending. Bringing Shirou back. I don’t know, it seemed off to me. While I teared up when Illya sacrificed herself, I wasn’t sure why Shirou was brought back. Maybe just the fact that his soul is in a “puppet” and it’s selfish of Sakura which I thought letting him go would be character growth. Idk maybe I’m missing something? If anybody has an explanation I’d appreciate it.

  7. Now you guys definitely got to do Fate Apocrypha! Completely different timeline in a different art style with a much larger War!! With hero’s on all sides!

  8. You did see rulebreaker twice in the first movie. The first time is when Assassin threatens Caster by using Kuzuki and asking her to release her from her control. The second time you see rulebreaker is when Shirou and Rin saw it when Zouken summons her dead rotting body and rule breaker is still in her when she died, so that is when Shirou would have been able to project it.

  9. Wow what an amazing ride. Thanks for reacting to this guys. There are some other dates that might be worth watching later but we can definitely take a break from the series for alittle while. That will only make the return all the sweeter when we get to it. (My personal recommendation would be Babylonia)

  10. The Masters were the same in this one than they were in Unlimited Blade Works but events played out drastically different.

    In UBW, Rider & Sakura were killed by Saber & Shinji early on in the grail war. So Sakura never had a chance to become Angra Mainyu. Shirou never came to save her to the extent he did in Heaven’s Feel, because his relationship choice in this one is Rin Tohsaka. So he was definitely distraught that Shinji killed Sakura, but his relationship was being built up with Rin Tohsaka instead of Sakura.

    1. Well, Sakura wasn’t killed in UBW tho. The breakpoint – battle with Berserker. It went different and in result it was earlied found out that Shinji “controls” Rider. His bad performance leave no choice for Zouken and he summoned true assassin and so it goes downhill.

  11. Bellerophon is the name of her Noble Phantasm, which is actually the reins she uses to control Pegasus. Summoning Pegasus is just something she can do separately, because he’s her son in myth, born from her blood when she is killed. You’ll note when she starts the summon, the magic circle that appears in front of her forms from the drops of her blood flying from where Saber hit her earlier. The reins are named after the hero Bellerophon who is the one who tamed Pegasus in the myths.