Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 02 Reaction

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  1. No idea if they will ever see this, but it was stated in Fate/Zero that Illya was 8 when her parents left for the 4th Grail war. So 10 years later, here, she is actually 18. So technically she is older than Shiro, despite calling him big brother.

  2. I’m not gonna hold it against anyone, nobody understands fate very well on fresh viewing. But it’s still rough watching poor Eric be completely/mostly right repeatedly and being peer reviewed out XD. But to be clear, only Kayneth and Sol..Solau? However you spell his wife’s name, had the joint summoning pact, as a special provision they made during lancer’s summoning. Only Kiritsugu supplied Saber with mana, whether Iris could or not, she didn’t. She only acted as a supporting mage in their battles, to help sell the facade that she was indeed the master.

  3. Iri got weaker when more servants died, not because of Saber’s distance. This is because, as the vessel of the Grail, she was absorbing the souls of the fallen servants and that was taking a toll on her.