Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 03 Reaction

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  1. I mean it doesnt matter but Achilles’ mother did dip him entirely. She was holding him by the ankles, hence why they went untouched by the waters. It’s not a good excuse, but it gets far enough to cover yalls objections lol.

    1. I like Rick Riordan’s explanation of it in the Percy Jackson books. That without some part of him remaining human to house his soul Achilles would have died from being submerged in the river Styx.

    2. The fate excuse is that his mother wanted him to have some part of his humanity left to keep him humble and root him in the human world. Otherwise he would be a god among men which. This excuse is really effective since Achilles becomes the biggest mythological introvert ever and never really delves into his godly side until the end of his life, with it being his undoing. Dude wanted to live a normal life away from war, so humanity was super important to him and his family

      1. Correction: The Fate universe’s version of Achilles was “warmed in holy flames in order to make him immortal” by his mother Thetis, however, Peleus opposed it, saying “Then that would destroy Achilles as a human”, and in the end Achilles grew up while only a certain part of him remained human.

  2. Their theory crafting is on point besides the bit with Lancer. Its not wrong to suggest that you their can’t be different aspects of the same Hero, but Erin is right. FSN looks NOTHING alike to FZ Lancer. He doesn’t even have two spears like the one in Zero

  3. You guys theorizing who berserker is has me grinning ear to ear! Also FYI Fate /Zero lancer and Fate / Stay Night lancer are NOT the same heroic spirit. They are both Celtic legends, however.

  4. In UBW I don’t know if they ever reveal who Lancer is I thought they only reveal his name in the Fate route. So I mean we could just tell them who Lancer’s identity is. I could be wrong though.

    1. Lancer’s identity is revealed in the show, but through his title rather than saying his name outright, it’s revealed later in the series, the only servent’s identities that aren’t so much revealed are rider’s and caster’s I believe, and even caster’s is hinted at while rider is for a another time. I do hope they watch the heaven’s feel films once they finish UBW.