Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 04 Reaction

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  1. Classes are set, however a hero is not necessarily limited to just one provided they have applicable feats. Lancelot could have been a lancer, saber, or even an archer. Likewise he could only be a berserker because he has an instance of such in his history. Arturia could never be summoned as a berserker for she never lost herself to rage. Unimportant to the story but fun trivia nonetheless.

  2. Yeah, Berserkers usually can’t speak properly, so they can’t say the names of their NP.

    And as powerful as it is, Gilgalmesh’s Gate of Babylon is so easy for him that it’s more of an ability than a Noble Phantasm. He DID have to call out the name of his ultimate weapon Ea though.

    Lancer DID say Gae Bolg before unleashing his Noble Phantasm.