Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 05 Reaction

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    1. Are they going to watch HF though? Because it’s not until now that I watch this reaction that I realize how incredibly confusing this is for somebody who’s not played the game, since the lines run parallel but also coexist and you miss lots and lots of stuff if you watch any line only, like they do. I really hope they watch HF, else they might be dissapointed and confused.

      1. I personally think it stands on its own pretty well. Does it benefit from watching / playing the other routes? Sure, but they aren’t necessary to enjoy UBW. As Fate fans we tend to overcomplicate things for newcomers rather than just letting them take things at their own pace. If they walk out of this series with a ton of confusion we can always recommend they watch Heaven’s Feel then.

  1. So your starting to see something that is oft complained about in this series. Shiro’s heart is in the right place but he is really a massive idiot alot of the time who survives solely by luck far more than he needs to.

  2. Ya Shiro’s not really a full blown idiot like he is in the Fate route. I would say in Heavens feel he actually feels like a really well fleshed out MC but I havent seen the last Heavens feel movie yet so subject to change.

  3. At Zero Kiritsugu said that he was “5th of the Emiy family”, in the book it is said that he couldnt inherit the crest fully. 5th is same as Tokiomi Tosaka. Keineth Archbolt was 9th of the Archbolt so had a better crest that were improved and passed on .