Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 07 Reaction

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  1. Ah, Irish names. The best names to pronounce. Also kind of sad they now know more about Fergus than Cu. I hope they decide to look up anything they’ve learned about Cu one day

  2. This is never explained, but by “True magic” they mean magic from the age of the gods, IE, magic that is far more powerful than anything most modern mages could accomplish.

    1. That’s not what it means. True Magic and Age of the Gods magecraft are not the same thing. AotG magecraft is more powerful than modern magecraft but can’t operate parallel worlds or materialise souls like True Magic can.

  3. Am I the only one who gets annoyed when Erick says “if you would have watched this first they wouldn’t know”
    There are 3 fate anime
    Fate stay night 2006
    Fate zero 2011
    FSN unlimited bladeworks 2014
    People who are watching this had to have seen Fate Zero first most likely.

    1. I mean yes and no. They’re regularly described as being nearly indistinguishable.

      And this is all without mentioning whatever the gods themselves could do, especially when they aren’t divine spirits.

  4. This is a distinction meaningless to what happens in the show, but there’s a difference between true magic and what our characters do. Magic is the stuff Gods and Witches did in legend. These modern folks are “mages” that do magecraft. They’re looking to rediscover magic, that’s why this scheme to “summon the holy grail” is bullshit as you know from Tokiomi in Zero, the real reason is to use this system to access the Root (also called other things, but irrelevant). Very, very few mage families have crafted a magecraft powerful enough to resemble real magic and that’s the ultimate goal of all these mages and passing down their work through generations.

    1. (Heaven’s Feel spoilers ahead)

      Strictly speaking, the true purpose of the grail isn’t to find the root and obtain a true magic – a true magic was sacrificed to create it after all. As I understand it the goal of the creators was to remove evil from humanity and make the immortal by using the Third Magic on a greater scale.

      Also that description of true magic isn’t quite right. Both existed during the age of the gods, it’s just that the two were very similar. Caster uses magecraft strictly speaking, but it is *as powerful as* true magic.

      There is still some true magic in the modern day, and creating a new true magic is the goal of most mage families. Five True Magics currently exist, of which we know about two in detail and a third in less detail. The Second Great Magic, Kaleidoscope, is wielded by Zelretch Kischur Schweinorg, a vampire who taught Tohsaka’s ancestor. It allows for the user to observe and access parallel worlds. The Third Great Magic, Heaven’s Feel, belongs to Justeaze Lizrich bon Einzbern, the Jango Fett style model for the Einzbern homuncili. Its power is the materialisation of the soul. The Fifth Great Magic is wielded by Aozaki Aoko from Mahoutsukai no Yoru, but not much is known about it. The First and Fourth Magics are pretty obscure still afaik.

  5. From what I remember, True Magic is explained as being magic capable of performing impossible phenomenon a mortal could not normally achieve (i.e. controlling space, time travel), whereas magecraft/magic is more like a scientific formula that the user develops over time, but can become close to or on the level of True Magic and like Davone said, the Grail War is mainly just just a ploy to try and reach the Root to rediscover True Magic.

  6. Type Moon friends, Can we please try to convince Blindwave to watch The garden of sinners (Kara no Kyōkai) during their movie nights, it would be great for there knowledge of fate lore and for their inevitable heaven’s feel watch. If we can get them to watch lord el melloi ii before they finish unlimited blade works, it would be even more amazing!!