Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 08 Reaction

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    1. I don’t think so. Ever since he started looking into information on this series, he knows a little more than he should. I think he stumbled on information he shouldn’t have. It doesn’t make sense. His prediction came out of nowhere, had no concrete reasoning for why he thinks it’s Archer is Shirou, and when contested, he just stayed silent. This is not the first time he’s done this either. If you watch other shows, you’ll see that he has a lot dumb predictions at the start of a show, then his predictions are all of a sudden on point and precise. I can understand a ballpark area prediction, but his are usually on the money and too close to accurate to not be suspicious. Once or twice is not suspicious but like majority of your shows? Nah man the resume speaks for itself and this guy is not genuine. He’s great and entertaining, but I don’t buy his phony, BS reactions one bit.

    2. Well to be fair Rick literally said he researched the FSN VN a bit waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before they started reacting to Zero when he was looking for a new visual novel to read.

      1. I don’t think he checked. The show really wants you to figure it out and there’s already a lot of clues. Also, it’s not the same context as watching alone. Almost every episodes, Eric talked about the parallels the show make between Shirou and Archer and they’re always trying to guess who Archer is. At some point, it’s normal that one of them jumps to that conclusion, at least as a theory.

        1. Agreed, Guessing that archer is Kiritsugu Emiya would had made a lot of sense but Shirou?!? To conclude that you need to make several leaps of logic while also overlooking more likely candidates

        2. Man Eric was already picking up on it the last episode. You could tell he wanted to say it, but he felt stupid for thinking it to be possible. It’s not that strange for Rick to just come out & say it. Especially after Eric has already connected all the dots.

        3. They constantly draw parallels between the two, shiro immediately bases his fighting style on archers and it’s already established that shiro is a talented archer. There’s hardly a suspicious leap of logic here.

      2. You’re right about that but he still acts as if he doesn’t know about it. He knows about the three routes in F/SN but he still acted like he didn’t know in this episode. He even correctly pointed out which of the pairings would be love interests. Why would he assume Saber is a love interest? Who the hell believes that to be true if they’ve only seen Zero and started UBW? I don’t understand the logic of this. The only explanation is that he knew it before hand. Rin makes sense, Sakura makes sense, but how do you assume Saber? Fujiwara would make more sense or the archery club student would make more sense. Anyone else would have made more sense. So clearly, he’s playing the fool and I just don’t respect the façade. That’s all.

        1. Between Saber, Fujiwara, and the girl whose name has already been forgotten, Saber is the only one who actually has anything to do with the plot. The other two are just kinda there and if they were removed from the series it would change basically nothing. The only other potential choice is his sister. And I’d rather not think about that for multiple reasons.

          1. But hey maybe he did read about it already. It’s perfectly reasonable for him to forget about it. It wouldn’t be the first time the guys have mixed up and forgotten whether information was explicitly told to them or it was something they thought of. It happens and its really not that big a deal.

          2. To be fair, Illya being a potential route really isn’t all that bad, they are so far removed from each other, and they aren’t even real siblings. He is just a random orphan that Kiritsigu took in, and they had zero contact with each other their entire lives, so it’s not like they grew up as adopted siblings either. As far as each is concerned, they are no different than any other stranger on the streets, they just happen to have a passing connection to Kiritsigu. In fact, it would make way more sense then Saber, seeing as she isn’t even a real person, but just a ghost of the past, lol.

          3. The show already hinted at it slightly in 2 previous episodes….and these guys stick around discussing for 15-20 mins what they saw….which most of us don’t, we just see it and either move on the next episode or just get distracted doing something else. They’re sharp, and with so much discussion they were bound to figure it out quite sooner than most. The good thing is….the show was structured so there’s no “KEY” reveal… it keeps throwing hints until it suddenly just assumes you know.

      3. I protest. When i was watching this episode in his emission i thinking about the constantly Shirou-Archer compared focus and i get at the same point. Archer is future Shirou :3

        Sorry for my bad english. I speak spanish.

        1. To be fair, Illya being a potential route really isn’t all that bad, they are so far removed from each other, and they aren’t even real siblings. He is just a random orphan that Kiritsigu took in, and they had zero contact with each other their entire lives, so it’s not like they grew up as adopted siblings either. As far as each is concerned, they are no different than any other stranger on the streets, they just happen to have a passing connection to Kiritsigu. In fact, it would make way more sense then Saber, seeing as she isn’t even a real person, but just a ghost of the past, lol.

        2. oops, guess I clicked on the wrong reply button, thought it was the one below the comment I wanted to reply too, not above it, you can just ignore this, lol.

      1. No he didn’t and that prediction is way too on the money. Hints don’t mean you will get the exact answer. We supporters have seen the show so it’s easy to say something is obvious. Well, it’s not obvious when you watch it. You may have a creeping idea of something similar, but just to call it out straight off the bat like that is too suspicious. He didn’t say Archer could be Shirou’s ideals actualized into a heroic spirit (which was my original theory when I first watched), or didn’t say it was someone he knew, etc. He immediately mentioned the future and immediately said it was Shirou. There’s no way you’re getting it two for two just like that.

        1. It’s really not that complicated a secret. it doesn’t take huge leaps of logic to connect the two points with the hints that have been dropped. And yes its possible to figure things out with hints. Especially with a bunch of guys discussing the facts and theory crafting together. Also the two guesses you mentioned are a lot more out of the box than what they are thinking. The reason I say that I think Aaron guessed it last episode is because he mentioned that he had an idea of who Archer is but it didn’t quite make sense. He said the same thing when Rick stated his opinion. Rick gets to watch TV with his close friends for a living so I’m not sure what you think he gains by pretending to know some plot point in a random series.

          1. I agree. Drawing the comparison between Shirou and Archer is something they’ve been doing for a long time now, and Eric literally mentioned the future thing in one of the first episodes. And as was mentioned, when you discuss a show, episode by episode, with other people, you tend to draw out more information because other people’s perspectives allow you to catch the things you would have missed on your own. Additionally, by watching an episode a week, they have time to let information sink in and think it over before going into the next one. Does Rick know more than the others? Sure, he has a better grasp of the what they’re based on, and generally has more knowledge than the others about shows like these, so he has a bit of foresight in that department.

            Lastly, as many others have also pointed out, the show drops hints. If you pay attention, it’s a very feasible theory to make, and I’ve honestly been expecting them to make the connection for some time now, considering that Eric already threw it out there weeks ago. To say that it’s unrealistic to have figured it out is kind of an insult to the writers and creators who’ve obviously put a lot of work into the series and how the story is told.

            Anyway, that’s my opinion of it. Think of it what you will.

    1. Not neccesarilly. When you just have the thought one time in your head it’s looking so obvious you think it is to easy to be true. Had the same prediction after Caster’s really forced comparing of them.

      1. Having the thought is not the same as it being a prediction. That prediction is not rooted in logic, it’s rooted completely in a blind leap. There are far more theories that make more sense than Shirou is Archer. I had a fleeting thought is Shirou being Archer also, but I completely dismissed it my first time because the idea is ridiculous and it’s the epitome of not using your brain logically to reach that conclusion. My main argument here is that Rick actually didn’t contribute to the discussion afterwards. Everyone else did the thinking for him. He couldn’t defend against any counterpoints by Aaron, who was thinking logically about it. If not for Eric, who was able to expound on the idea, then I don’t think the discussion would have continued, much like how the same thing has happened in other shows. Everybody else was having a conversation about how to make sense of the theory that Shirou is Archer and they brought up great points. Except Rick, who even when questioned about it said that he’s going to “stick to his guts” and say it’s Shirou from the future instead of the more logical reasoning of it may be a descendant from the past. The show has not used the precedent of future heroes up to this point, so there’s no reason to assume that it will suddenly happen. Rick’s flimsy reasoning when questioned about it was that there’s always a first time for everything. Do you feel convinced by that? That is lousy acting and I see right through it. He just said it out loud to earn brownie points but couldn’t back up why he randomly thought about it except for “his guts” and couldn’t contribute to the discussion to reverse engineer why his “prediction” might have been correct. You all have been fooled by this man. His body language is far too obvious.

        1. Lol, i honestly kind of figured it out after Shirou’s classmates mentioned that he use to be in the archery and was basically the ace, but he quit. They even hinted out how heroic spirits can be summoned by past, present, or future in the beginning of the episodes. It really wasn’t that hard — so i think it is believable. And when Archer shoots his arrow, there was a hilt that looked like Saber’s (even though it wasn’t, come to figure out — but it led me closer to my ‘theory’). Or when Rin mentions that Shirou and Archer were similar. Or when Shirou’s powers were literally the same because he was learning it off of Archer. A lot of it is subtle, but it really isn’t that hard to figure it out.

          1. I actually agree with you. Just because of the fact that Rick’s response to the fact (they believe) the show has stated that servants can only be summoned from the past is “I’ll just stick to my guts”…

            If he believes that servants can only be summoned from the past as a rule, then how can he so adamantly stick to the idea that Archer is from the future.

            But if I’m honest, I’ve actually been more suspect of Eric. Mainly because he immediately started implying that Archer may be from the future, in the FIRST episode! He literally sees Archer and says “Can Servants be summoned from the future?” He apparently bases this on the ‘futuristic’ clothing Archer wears, but its not really futuristic tho?? Lancer wears essentially the same outfit, just blue and without the coat. And then in every episode after that, Eric has determinedly pointed out any instance of similarity between Archer and Shirou and ignored and discrepancy (such as their differing ideals).

            The biggest thing for me though, is that no one has thought of Archer possibly being Kiritsugu. They literally have the exact same ideologies yet Rick nor Eric don’t notice. If they are really able to theorize about Future Archer from such loose threads, how come the haven’t even considered the possibility of Kiritsugu? Its a far more likely theory.

    2. Dude, I have watched Fate UBW with multiple people and at least half of them guessed that spoiler before the second season. It really isn’t a stretch especially considering these dudes’ jobs are literally to break apart and analyze movies / shows and theory craft. Some characters, like Medea, have outright said “oh you two are exactly alike” and the show goes out of it’s way to establish a deep connection between the 2 characters and drops hints constantly. Hell there is a gigantic clue in episode 0 and 1 that flat out spells out who he is if you pay attention and know how the summoning system works. I think you are being overly skeptical and maybe are just bad at analyzing shows yourself because Fate makes this twist pretty dang obvious, I’ve seen many people guess it before especially if they have already seen Zero.

  1. Poor Rider, unfortunately since the series is split up into adaptations of different routes each of the 7 servants usually has a route focused on them and the others get sidelined. If you want to know more about Rider and what she rides / her identity you need to watch the Heavens Feel movies since that route is more about her and Assassin. UBW focuses more on Archer, Lancer, and Caster.

  2. I’m so sad the anime cuts out Shirou’s internal monolouge where he intentionally messes with Rin because he’s aware she’s a tsundere and pretends to be oblivious to get her to give outbursts. Adds so much to his character

  3. I think the show clearly points towards things using cinematic language. Like when they’re literally talking about how Shinji couldn’t be the master they show Sakura on screen who we know was at least intended to be one from Zero. And Eric had just brought up how time and time again they keep comparing Archer and Shirou, that’s when Rick had his brain blast… Unlike the VN they leave a lot of hints for the TV show.

  4. They always pull out good information and then kinda mix their internal discussions with what was presented in the show. They did think about what if heroes don’t have to be from the past back in zero. The show really never said either way so they kinda decided on their own that that couldn’t be.

  5. Yeah, the original 06 anime that was done by a different studio focused on the first route of the VN and focused on Shirou’s relationship with Artoria while the Heaven’s Feel movies/route focus on Sakura. Currently Ufatable hasn’t adapted the Artoria route, but it is possible they will get to it once they complete the Heaven’s Feel movies.

  6. you guys are so frustrating. you guys are debating things you shouldn’t be debating. you’re looking for misdirects where there aren’t any. this isn’t a spoiler. Sakura is not a master. you were never supposed to think that.

    1. I’m not sure it’s fair to say we were NEVER supposed to think that. They did show Sakura having the leftover scars on her hand from Command Seals in the second or third episode, and we see her speaking with Gilgamesh, so it’s not unreasonable to think she’s involved somehow. Frankly it wouldn’t have killed the show to just have Shinji outright admit that Sakura WAS originally a Master, but that she transferred over to his control.

  7. Type Moon friends, Can we please try to convince Blindwave to watch The garden of sinners (Kara no Kyōkai) during their movie nights, it would be great for there knowledge of fate lore and for their inevitable heaven’s feel watch. If we can get them to watch lord el melloi ii before they finish unlimited blade works, it would be even more amazing!!