Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 09 Reaction

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  1. Oh geez…it’s not the same lancer! Saber already identified the new lancer when they first met! Plus the beauty mark was stated in Zero as a cursed mark that gave him his name of ” of the love spot”. Its what made all normal women fall for him and was the cause of this downfall in life.

  2. this is one of my favorite anime. i really think it knocks it out of the park on every department. voice acting, music, animation, story. one of the things i love is admiring the beautiful animation and art and music. i get tickled every time someone mentions the animation and the music. the music you guys use for the opening when you click the mouse is one of the best songs in the series. and the season 1 finale song is also really amazing. can’t wait to see you guys react to that.

  3. Type Moon friends, Can we please try to convince Blindwave to watch The garden of sinners (Kara no Kyōkai) during their movie nights, it would be great for there knowledge of fate lore and for their inevitable heaven’s feel watch. If we can get them to watch lord el melloi ii before they finish unlimited blade works, it would be even more amazing!!

  4. can somebody please tell them that this was released after zero…its so frustrating/annoying when they think there not supposed to know certain things

    1. Actually the anime came out after but the visual novel it’s based on came out before so what you just said doesn’t make much sense… If you read the visual novel you aren’t supposed to be guessing these things so you aren’t supposed to be guessing them in the anime either

  5. “I feel like no one would have more contempt for Shirou than a failed Shirou”. Okay where the hell did that come from Rick? Last episode you randomly made the jump that Archer MUST be future Shirou and stuck to that idea stubbornly, without any real counter arguments against all the contradictory evidence (such as Archer having white hair and dark skin and the fact that the crew believes servants can only be summoned from the past).

    And now you’re making the even greater leap that Archer holds such different ideals than Shirou because he must be a failed future Shirou?! The show hasn’t even gotten to the point of discussing the failure of Shirous ideals, its just teaching us about what those ideals are. What internal logic did you use to decide that this mysterious hero from the past must in fact be the protagonist from the future and that Shirous hopes and dreams will fail to create him?

    Is it not way more likely that Archer would be Kiritsugu? You know, the guy whos heroic ideology led to nothing but despair? Sure they don’t look alike but neither do Archer and Shirou.

    While I was suspect of Eric for his immediate assumptions about Archer, at least he basis it on things he’s seen in the show. It really feels like you’ve read the visual novel

    1. An issue with the kiritsugu theory is that wouldn’t he recognize Shirou? And why would he try to kill him? It makes sense in ideology but in actions it doesn’t make much sense

    2. An issue with the kiritsugu theory is that wouldn’t he recognize Shirou? And why would he try to kill him? It makes sense in ideology but in actions it doesn’t make much sense it would near the beginning but after he starts trying to kill Shirou it starts to lose ground also he had lots of regrets in his life and didn’t accomplish his goal unlike what Archer said

    3. Made this account just to say that Archer and Shirou literally both have the same facial structure and head, even their hair is pretty similar except obvious differences like the white colour. They do look similar if you don’t immediately throw the theory out the window because of the new colour palette