Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 10 Reaction

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  1. it won’t be mentioned but it’s worth mentioning that in the nasuverse everyone may have skills, it’s not limited to servants. and in the case of the teacher he’s got one that basically forces people to underestimate him in their fight fight, so they just won’t use their full power against him

  2. There are rules in this world that you guys aren’t prevy too. Like the overuse of mana turns ones hair white or silver. Think about Karia in fate/zero

  3. Type Moon friends, Can we please try to convince Blindwave to watch The garden of sinners (Kara no Kyōkai) during their movie nights, it would be great for there knowledge of fate lore and for their inevitable heaven’s feel watch. If we can get them to watch lord el melloi ii before they finish unlimited blade works, it would be even more amazing!!

  4. how do you guys wind up with these weird and wacky theories. have watched this anime multiple times through as it is my favorite, and not once did i ever believe that the two lancers were the same, and never once did i think sakura was a master, and never once did i think that Mr Kuzuki was Waver. the Sakura one is not too much of a stretch and i actually watched the original fate/stay night before zero, and i can see how zero may have set you up for believing sakura would be a master. but she’s not. and that isn’t a spoiler :/

    1. Well Sakura IS a master so that point is moot, as for thinking both lancers are the same, the main reason they conflated them is they heard Gae part of Gae Bolg and assumed it was Gae Dearg, which was Diarmuid’s red spear, so since they think it’s the same spear, that logic leads them to believe they’re both the same person.

    2. It’s cause that’s their job, their job is to watch and analyze the episode they watched and discuss about it. When you have people to talk about and ask questions to about the anime, you start to form different ideas outside of norm. If you’re watching casually, most info flies over your head.

  5. The anime is a little vague about Shiro’s projection ability. Most mages see projection as a more difficult but ultimately useless and incomplete form of strengthening magic, since it takes a lot more effort to produce something out of nothing than it does to make it out of actual raw materials that are shaped by magic. Projected items also have a very short lifespan. They either disappear after a short time, or fall apart at the slightest application of force, since the world itself sees them as aberrations that do not belong in reality, and actively tries to erase them from existence. That’s why Kiritsugu claimed it was useless and told Shiro to focus on strengthening, and why Rin said she would have told him the same thing.

    This was the first time Shiro was able to project something with real substance, that could take a physical blow without falling apart into nothing.

    1. That’s actually fanon for the most part. You actually can’t produce something out of nothing, because that’s magic and not magecraft. Everything in magecraft requires something of equal value to be spent in order for it to do what it’s supposed to.
      The reason Shirou can project something from nothing is, well, we already know why. However, it bypasses the law of equal exchange every magus has to abide by.

      Projected items, as far as Shirou’s, don’t disappear. In the VN (I think it was HF route) Rin was surprised to find out the stuff in his shed were projected and that they were around for years. Shirou had said that they don’t disappear.
      However, it’s unclear if it works the same for noble phantasms and it’s not really worth speculating since there’s no instance in which he would project one and then just leave it. Though, they are weak, as you said.